American Speedfest 2017 – Brands Hatch Camping

Ok this is sort of a micro adventure and a weekend out, but decided to post and share the photos.

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend with my son Alex, we went to Brands Hatch on Saturday morning for the 2017 American Speedfest event. I have not been to this even before but decided to take my 12 year old son as he is so into American vehicles right now. What a blast we had, the weather was stunning too…

We had a tent in the car but I was calling into Decathlon en route to pickup some walking clothes for Alex for our week in the Lake District in August, but ended up coming out with an additional tent to add to the collection as you do!  It was one of their 2 second popup tents and after using for the weekend I have to say I am impressed with it.

This is how our weekend went.

Tent up, Alex seems happy
Quick selfie with my son, never have too many of them.
Now that is one awesome rig…
Stunning pickup, really liked this vehicle.
Now that’s a serious bit of kit for air ride suspension to bounce the car up and down!
Lovely colour
Alex enjoying his weekend.


We had a look around on the Saturday at the cars on display, got some goodies from the stands and watch some racing, no photos from the racing though as only had short lenses and way too far away!!  After a good day we headed back to the campsite and some evening fun.

Our weekend window
Alex taking it easy…
This pulled up at the tent behind us, stuck my phone out the vent in the tent and got this shot.
Ah finally a well earned drink after an earlier brew.
As everyone else in the field had a BBQ, a flying dash to a local Asda for a bbq and burgers to fit in 🙂
Easy way to find the tent late at night coming back, a pair of solar lights.


Not the greatest nights sleep for me due to the road quite close by which seemed to busy right through the night, ear plugs next time!! This is what it looked like at 4am

How light!!
Beautiful sky looking east

Back in the tent for some much needed sleep…  Finally up about 8 for a brew and porridge to start the day.

A quick snap of Alex snoozing before he woke up
Alex enjoying his breakfast


Ok back to the circuit for the day, a lot more cars today and the crowds were way bigger then on Saturday.

Did make me laugh 🙂
Quite a beast this Dodge Ram
Alex testing out the new Mustang drophead
Love this color
Awesome interior styling.
A non US car, but I just had to grab a photo of this Morris Minor as it was in a lovely condition.
Another non US car, but had to capture this, reminds me of the day I had a 2.8 injection Capri.
A serious lump!! An ongoing project with the car and expected to output around 700bhp
Loved the colours of the badge to match the bonnet and bumper.
On of the many fairground rides at the event.
A side shot of that awesome rig.
This car is featured in the latest Batman movie.
This car has had some serious money thrown at it, looks stunning…
How clean!!!!
How clean!!

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